Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alfabeto Ilustrado - Versão Português - Brasil

Olá pessoal!

Finalmente  meus templates para o abecedário ilustrado infantil en português estão prontos!

Não criei gráficos para as letras K, W e Y, porque não são usuais em nosso dia à dia. Eu pensei em kiwi para K e windsurf para o W, mas me recuso a criar uma carinha de menina para a letra Y, assim como Yolanda ;)

Pode ser que no futuro eu adcione as letras K e W. Vocês gostariam? Espero que seja útil na criação dos seus LOs!

Mais uma coisa, gostaria de ver comentários em português no meu bloguinho :)

                                          Alfabeto Ilustrado -  Versão Português - Brasil


                                                             contém 23 letras em formato .psd

                                                                                     Alfabeto Ilustrado

Friday, May 4, 2012

Abécédaire Illustré - En Français - French Version

Coucou tous le monde!!

Et voilà j’ai enfin terminé le abécédaire illustré en français. Je l’aime vraiment beaucoup. J’espère que vous apprecierez autant que moi.

N’oubliez pas un petit commentaire si vous le télécharger, ça ne coûte rien ;)

A très bientôt!

                                 Abécédaire Illustré - En Français - French Version


                                                                   Ce pack contient :
                                                      -  26 templates tous au format .psd
                                                                   Télécharger Ici:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Children's Alphabet - English Version

 Aguardem pela versão em português, Brasil.

 Attendre pour la version française!

Hey, I'm back!

These alphas templates was inspired by my little niece Kiki alphabet blocks. Kiki's reminded me of my childhood alphabet flashcards. I still find them so cute that I had to drawn my own  digital version! 

Some of the drawings were modified from my old creations and mostly are new.  The slight dropshadows are for preview purposes only. This time around I only included the layered PSD files, not PNGs. If by the chance, you rather like to have the PNgs, please, let me know.

The Portuguese and French versions will follow.

                                    Children's Alphabet Templates - English Version:

                                                26 layered PSD files at 300DPIs resolution


                                                      Children's Aplhabet - English Version

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Still Alive...

Hi! :)

My house is undergoing some remodeling and I was without Internet about a month :( hence my long absence. But I'm working in something very cute that will be posted any time soon; remember the alphabet flash cards from our childhood? OK, that is the "sneak peek" LOL

I'm so happy to see I have more followers, as well as a huge downloads hits!! Thank you so much guys, you are the best! As for e-mails, I'll be getting back to you very soon. I promisse!

See you next week bringing new goodies :)