Commercial S4H/S4O Use License
© 2011 - can be changed at any time.
KMC's graphics are for the most part intended for digital scrapbooking designers and small home-based business ONLY, not large business/re-distributors. For any other usage you must contact me first. Please, read this license fully.
By downloading any graphics you agree to the terms set out below:
v  You May Use KCM's Graphics:
- KCM's graphics may be used as part of digital scrapbooking kits for sale, but not in their original form, they must be altered to be part of your kit.
- KCM's graphics may be used for your small home-based business printing needs such as crafts,  greeting cards,  invitations, labels,  letterheads and personal use Scrap for Hire and Scrap for Others,  as much as the finished pieces are printed or in a flatenned/merged JPG in a resolution no higher then 72 dpis.
- KCM's graphics may be used to decorate personal websites/blogs layouts, as long as they are at 72 dpi resolution,  with some little restrictions:

You may use KCM's only on Family-Friendly websites as long as the images can not be taken from the pages.
 You may not use KCM's graphics on any business or commercial website or websites that generates any form of income, such as E-Bay.

Scrapbooking designers may use KCM' graphics in their kits for sale, but not as part of their websites/blogs layout.
- KCM's graphics may be offered as Freebies, Quick Pages and Digital Photo Books,  as long as modified,  not only recolored. The final product, should contain only 30% of my graphics and both, Quick Pages and Digital Photo Books, must be always offered in a flattened/merged PNG format.  No individual layers or elements files allowed.
v  You May Not Use KCM's Graphics:
- KCM's graphics may not be used to create your own CU with. Not negotiable.
- KCM's graphics may not be used to create elements packs.
- KCM's layered .psd, .abr, .chs and .atn files may not be redistributed as part of your scrapbooking kits.
- KCM's graphics may not be included in any digital scrapbooking for sale kit or offered as a freebie AS IS.  Do not merge the layered PSD files and add the original graphics to yours scrapbooking kits.  You must incorporate KCM's graphics into your own design, make them your own.
 - KCM's graphics may only be used as part of a digital scrapbooking kit, no more then 50%, except for Alphas. The same rule also applies to personal/non-commercial website layouts or other digital graphics creations.
- KCM's graphics may not be used to create logos or logo design, brands, trademarks, identity, awards, backgrounds, banners, buttons, clipart, Geocities icons, Web Ring graphics and the like.
- KCM's graphics may be not made into brushes, rubber stamps, arts and crafts patterns and redistributed.
- KCM' graphics may not be mass-produced/distributed, such as:
·         online greeting cards,

·         printed e-cards,

·         retail stores,

·         stock images stores such as Shutterstock,

·         promotional products for resale or redistribute for free like T-shirts and key chains,

·         online generators such as in business cards/banners makers and the like,

·         print on demand items,

·         physical scrapbooking industry

·         fabric patterns

- KCM's graphics may not be part of any compilation or any other collection and resold on disc or any other form.
Credits are not a demand, but always appreciated.
If you have questions, or if something was not covered in this TOU, please assume nothing, instead mail me:
kcmgraphics at
kcmgraphics at
Thank you,
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